Thursday, January 27, 2011

Inline MP3 Player (Easy way to embed Flash mp3 player in your blog)

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah that I can made script for flash mp3 player. This js file make website owner can embed Flash easly withou edit their html to ember the script of flash mp3 player.
Feature of this player :
1. Easy to use, no need to know about html
2. Automatic link download and popup
3. Has 8 different flash players
4. Type of player can be choose by your own can be different flash in one page
This javascript very easy to use to put flash mp3 player in your website no need to put very long embed object like below picture.
Embed Code Flash Player
8 Type of flash player in this script are :
1. 1pixelout (Player that use by podpress, wpaudioplayer or podcasting)
2. Jw Player (Complete Flash player)
3. Google player
4. Flow Player
5. 1pixelout first Version
6. Flash mp3 player
7. Mirpod
8. Nyfty player
If we open all that players wee will see very long embed code to use the player.
Goodbye long flash code that make our article difficult to read if in HTML view.
With this script user only put hyperlink of the mp3 and the script automatic make embed code for mp3 flash player

Ustadz Armen
In html code

<a href="">Kajian Ustadz Armen</a>
How to use this script is very easy, if you are in blogspot put the script link in your template or XML file, don’t put in your article.(Dashboard–> Edit Layout –> Edit HTML)
You can put before this
< body >
After you put the script every mp3 link will have Flash mp3 player automatic.
Only put one time in your template this script

<script type="text/javascript"
if you want to use other flash player you can add var(default paramplayerflash=1 –> 1pixelout v2)
You don’t have to add var if you want to use first type of flash

<script type="text/javascript"
paramplayerflash Choose what ever you want
1. 1pixelout version 2
Ustadz Maududi
2. jw player
Ustadz Maududi
3. google player
Ustadz Maududi
4. flow player
Ustadz Maududi
5. 1pixelout versi 1
Ustadz Maududi
6. Flash mp3 player
Ustadz Maududi
7. Mirpod
Ustadz Maududi
8. Nyfty player
 Ustadz Maududi
To view different player in one blog you can add Tag id like this example

 <a href="
id="1">Kajian Ustadz Armen</a>
id = 1 player 1pixelout will show for that link with different paramplayerflash
Tag id or paramplayerflash only option for this script
Amanah :
Don’t use this script for music
Based on shohih hadits
Read the article

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