Friday, September 23, 2011

Get Shapeless – Business, Agency and Studio WP Theme.

Shapeless is a professional premium busines, agency or studio WordPress theme from wide range of wordpress themes. Its clean layout and unique design make it very readable and pleasant to look at. It comes with dozens of features and intuitive options. Shapeless uses HTML5 and CSS3 as well as all the newest WordPress functions up to its newest version! It is easy to set up and well documented so you’ll have to put very little effort to make it work!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO plays a very important role in Shapeless. All the page titles, page descriptions and tags are optimized to give you the best possible results in search engines. It has valid HTML structure including correct usage of headings (h1, h2, h3…), lists, descriptions, order of elements which will make it rank high and attain you new clients!
960 Grid System

It is based on 960 Grid System which makes it very flexible and easy to use. Just take a look at our column examples and you’ll see that it gives you a lot possibilities!
It comes with 150+ custom fonts. It works with Cufon fonts (you can upload your own Cufon files generated on Cufon website), Google fonts and standard fonts! You can adjust font color, line height, font size and nearly all the CSS2 and CSS3 properties for fonts in admin panel!!! Furthermore, you can do that for ANY element of this theme using standard CSS selectors!
Contact Page

You can generate any contact form you like in admin panel. All the form fields are available including upload field, drop-downs, lists, text areas, CAPTCHA and more! Entire contact page is easy to customize using 960 grid system columns!
Sidebars and Footer

Footer is one of the most advanced parts of this theme. It is extremely flexible. You can easily make any columns layout using admin panel and then populate them with any widgets to make it look and work as you like! There’s also place for copyright information and some custom code that should appear there (like Google Analytics code).

There are two page templates with sidebar. You can attach them any widgets you like. Furthermore, you can have unlimited number of sidebars and you can attach unique one for every post or page!

It has valid HTML5 structure and it was tested on all major browsers including IE 7 , IE 8, IE 9 , Chrome, Safari, Opera, FF 3 and FF 4 . Furthermore, it was successfully tested in WordPress debug mode with no arising errors! It is up to the newest WordPress standards and solutions!



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