Friday, September 23, 2011

Get WSO Fan Page Professional WordPress Plugin

The Fan Page Professional WordPress Plugin Will Allow You to Create an UNLIMITED Number of Fan Pages from 1 WordPress Installation…

Fan Page Professional takes care of all of these issues…

You can build an UNLIMITED number of Fan Pages from one WordPress install.
You can choose NOT to have Google index your Fan Pages.
It doesn’t use your current WordPress theme.
You CAN use Google Analytics on each Fan Page.
It has built-in reveal code so you CAN hide content behind the “Like” button.
You CAN insert Auto Responder code with one click!
I don’t think I could make it any easier to use.

The Technical Stuff…
When Fan Page Professional is installed, it creates its own “post type,” its own URL structure to be used with Facebook, and utilizes its own theme. Essentially, it tries to separate itself as much as possible from the rest of your site and still use the same data base. This way, you can set it up without worrying how it will affect the rest of your site.

Things to Remember…
Starting October 1st, Facebook will REQUIRE that ALL Fan Pages use an SSL certificate…

If you DON’T have one yet, I can show how to get one for only $12.99 for your first year through GoDaddy. (BONUS)

What is included…

Fan Page Professional Plugin
1 – 12 page instructional PDF explaining How to Install, How to Create a Fan Page, How to Create a Facebook App, and How to Connect your Facebook App and Your Fan Page (this is a step by step tutorial).
4 Instructional videos installed in the “instructions” part of the plugin on WordPress.
Lifetime Updates to the plugin. You will be notified via the email and via the plugin instructions area.



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